Sunday, June 10, 2012

Copyright WTF?

So I just got an interesting email from a "photographer" who claimed one of his photos back because posting it on this blog was copyright infringement. He's completely right. It was a violation and instead of giving due credit, I've taken down the image as requested.

But here's my problem. People are getting carried away. This blog doesn't make any money and I'd be surprised if anybody even reads this post. It's not like I'm selling stuff here and making money off other people's work.

As a fellow creative, I would be honored to see my work in other websites. If they're making a few bucks off of what I've done...okay, maybe I deserve a slice of the pie. I've seen my crap in other people's Pinterest, facebook, blogs, websites and you know what; that shit doesn't bother me. Why? Because they don't mean any harm. They're not out to make money off of my stuff. They like what I've done. GREAT! It's a waste of energy going around googling my photos and hunting down every blogger and emailing them.

This stuff is meant to be shared. It's meant to be enjoyed. By everyone. And it's corporate giants and copyright laws that totally mess it up for the rest of us. If a 10 year old kid decides to print a giant poster of one of my bikes or my ads, god damn...that is the kind of thing that gets me going at work. I say go ahead and share those posters with your friends! Ah, but imagine if I wrote to that kid and asked him to take it down because that's my property. Seriously? Who does that?


PS. I wonder if Pixar's going to come after me for using their Toy Story 3 picture. Ha...I guess they've got better things to do.