Monday, May 23, 2011


So it's not everyday an agency has a chance to create a product with a client. It's also rare for a brand to hear out what its consumers are saying and alter their product.

Volkswagen originated as an economic car available to all classes. With its commercial success, VW's cars have become increasingly expensive and more difficult for anyone to buy their cars. They've decided to go back to the brand's roots and launch The People's Car Project.

It is pure creation.

VW newest online platform is a tool people to create their "ideal" car. The people can pour all their creativity, their ideas and everything that they ever wanted in a car through this platform. From a gallery of the people's creations, they will vote for their favorite exterior designs, interior designs and other ideas where the best ones will be implemented and engineered into Volkswagen's latest model. What that will be, we don't know yet. But 3 days into the launch, we have nearly 9000 car creations.

Proximity Beijing has created a massive campaign to invite the people to the website - - and just start creating. The campaign showcases the creativity of the people and the infinite possibilities of the car creator. Below is just a few of the pieces (outdoor and events).

Start creating: