Friday, June 25, 2010


I have no idea how Pixar does it but it's apparent that their winning streak is no fluke. Just when I figure that Pixar can't possibly top their last film, they prove me wrong. And I love that. They're completely unstoppable! Sequels usually fail to live up to their predecessors and actually, 99% of the time, they just suck balls.

So why is Toy Story 3 so amazing?

Here's my theory: Pixar leverages on what made the original film so beautiful. All the characters stayed true to themselves. There's history between the audience and the characters making room for 'inside jokes.' You really feel like you know the characters and that's what makes all the emotions you feel so sincere.

Another thing that makes Pixar so successful is they protect stories. You're not watching a "cool, technologically advanced" animation (even though it is...). You're listening to a story. The story always comes first.

In any case, Pixar's done it again. Beautiful film. I'm watching it again tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I know it's been a while so perhaps I should share something really cool to make up for it.

Tarsem's "The Fall" is probably one of the best films of the decade, and for some reason, nobody seems to know about it. It's also severely underrated.

Every frame is art directed. And I don't mean in a 300 spartan way. The typography is sensitive and exquisite. The intro (above) feels like it belongs in a museum.

It is a work of art.